location scouting

Rose Visual Captures has been to many places around Arizona.

Take a look at some of the places we've been.

If you see something you like, let us know and we'll capture it for you!

We can also assist in finding different types of locations that fit your needs.

*Travel Fees may apply*

location 1: south phoenix

location 2: peoria

LOCATION 3: central phoenix

location 4: glendale ($25 permit Fee) (Roses are seasonal)

location 5: central phoenix

Location 6: phoenix

Location 7: gilbert

location 8: north phoenix

Location 9: Tempe

location 10: MEsa ($12 travel fee) + ($8 pass)

location 11: Mesa

location 12: tempe ($4 -$8 parking pass)

location 13: south phoenix

location 14: gilbert

location 15: chandler ($11 Travel Fee)

location 16: Anthem ($10 travel fee)

location 17: goodyear ($7 permit Fee) (Flowers are seasonal)

location 18: goodyear


-studio location options-

  • Clients will reserve the session with the studio/location themselves.
  • If the studio/location reservation is by tickets/per person, client must purchase 1 ticket for the photographer.
  • Rose Visual Captures session fees are SEPERATE than the studio/location fees.
  • You must confirm (Date/Time) availability with Rose Visual Captures and Studio/Location before booking both.

Stone Studos Collectives - Studio Reservations are 1 hour for $40. There are many options for rooms with decor you can book to have for your session. Great for more intimate and calm sessions. Located in Mesa, Arizona.

Petal Pix Studios - Tickets are 1 hour for $30 per adult, $15 per child. There are many floral background options that you can use for multiple backgrounds. Great for any session with lots of color. Located in Mesa, Arizona

The Meadow AZ - Location reservations are 1 hour for $75. This beautiful outdoor location offers gorgeous outdoor meadow looks with prop closets for an additional fee. Great for a private and natural feel. Located in Mesa, Arizona.

Studio House Az - 1 hour for $45 - $60 depending on room. There are multiple studios that each offer a different feel. This is a great studio that offers plenty of setups. Great for an indoor lifestyle session. Located in Phoenix, Arizona.