Packages and prices



What comes with my session package?

A.With every session, you get printing rights. Meaning you can now take them anywhere and print as you wish. You get the online gallery for 1 month so you can take your time, return, redownload, etc. You get the option to purchase more digital images at $5 each or a full gallery discount at 50% off.

What is your process for a session?

A.When we first meet, I will talk with you regarding the type of session you want. I will ask a few questions to understand what I need. For portrait sessions, I can assist in finding a perfect location for your session as well. I will then get the date and time you need as well. I will get your full name, phone number, and email address. I will send you the invoice, contract, and a questionnaire so I can get all the details I need to give you a great experience. Once the nonrefundable retainer is paid and the contract is signed, your session will be reserved. You can take your time on the questionnaire. Just please make sure to fill it our before your session. I arrive to the session. Click! Click! Click! At the end of the session, you make the final payment. I begin post production. Once that is completed, I send you a online gallery with all the information on it to get your digital images. If you have any trouble please ask and I can walk you through it. You download your digital images. Done!

Can I purchase the full session immediately instead of just paying the retainer?

A.Yes you can. Many clients choose to go this route to avoid any forgetfulness or problems later during the session. The non-refundable retainer will still be 50% and all payments will be recorded as they are received.

Will my digital images have a watermark or logo on it?

A.No. The digital images in the online gallery have a big watermark on them to deter any theft. Once you properly follow the steps and download your digital images, they will not have the logo or watermark on them.

What if I change my mind during the session and want to extend the session?

A.In the event that a client requests an additional time after a session has ended. Rose Visual Captures will approve of this if time is available. This will be for a price that is within the packages offered by Rose Visual Captures. The photographer will inform the client of the price and total of the digital images. To extend the session, payment will be made or payment arrangements will be agreed upon before the Photographer will continue with the additional time. After the session, a new invoice will be sent to the client for the remaining balance. Post production will not begin until this is paid in full.

What if I want more photos than in my package?

A.For every session, many photos are taken. I then cull through all the photos and choose the best ones. I fully edit them and send you 2-3 times the amount in your package. (For example, if you get 5 digital images in your package, I send you a online gallery with 10-15 digital images for you to choose your 5 digital images from.) After choosing your digital images, you can purchase more at $5 each or I offer a big 50% off discount for the full gallery.

How much will the full gallery discount be?

A.Since each gallery has different amounts, I will not be able to estimate until I finalize your online gallery. Once I send you the online gallery, it will have all the information on it. (For example: A small portrait session, you get 8 digital images. Let's say I send you a online gallery of 20 digital images. After choosing your 8 digital images, you have 12 digital images left in the gallery. At $5 each it would be $60 for the remaining 12 images. But with our full gallery deal, you can have it for $30.)

Do you offer videography?

A.No I do not. Videography is an art all in its own and I will not attempt.

Can I have the RAW/unedited images?

A.No. I will never provide these as they are not a representation of my finished work and will not be released.

What is the travel fee?

A.The packages include up to 30 miles from the photographer's location. In the instance that a location is more than 30 miles from the photographers location, a non-refundable travel fee will be charged. $0.65 per mile to and from the location, from the photographer's location in Phoenix, Arizona will need to be added to the service charges. This will be non-refundable.

How much time should I purchase?

A.It is always best to over estimate then risk not having enough time. I always recommend purchasing more time than you need and having that extra time rather than running out of time and I don't have extra time to add to your session. Most of the time, I am running from one session to the other with time planned for travel only. In the event that the photography session goes completely perfectly with all parties cooperating at all times and the photographer capturing all the best images immediately; there may be some time left in the session. Rose Visual Captures will plan to fill the entire time scheduled but it is ok for there to be remaining time not used.

What if I don't know where to have my session at?

A.I am very experienced in this area and often go scouting to find new and beautiful places throughout the valley. I have showcased some locations under the 'Scouting' tab on my website that you can take a look at to see if you are interested in any of them. Otherwise, lets talk!

Do you have any experience with special needs children and adults?

A.I personally have years of experience with both. Personal and photography experience. I also have 2 special needs children myself with my assistant who is my fiancé, they have many special needs friends who we all socialize with on a regular basis. I also grew up with special needs family members. Plus, my assistant who accompanies me on every session, works as a respite provider for special needs children and adults.

Do you offer printing?

A.I do offer a print store with every online gallery I send out. This is completely optional. This is a high quality print store with deliveries to your front door. Prices do vary so I cannot memorize them but you can take a look with your online gallery once you get it.

Do you offer indoor or outdoor sessions?

A.I am an outdoor photographer, however, for events and weddings I do service indoor locations.

What are the payment methods you accept?

A.I accept Zelle, Venmo, Google Pay, and Cash.