So you think you’ll remember this moment?

Memories are never actually an exact depiction of a single moment in the past. They are not an exact copy and they tend to change over time. Some of our memories may not even be ours, but rather something we saw in a movie or a story someone else told to us. We mix and combine memories, especially older ones, all the time. It can be hard to accept the fluid nature of memories and the fact that they are not just sitting in our brains waiting to be retrieved. How can photography aid in this? How can hiring a Professional Photographer for that hour, evening, or even day, help you remember this moment forever?

We are capturing the moment! Photography can completely capture what you see in that moment; and when it is done right, make you feel exactly what you felt in that initial time as well. Be it an Event, Wedding, Birthday, Proposal, Family Portraits, etc. Having a good photographer there will make that difference in the years to come. When you feel the need to relive that enchanting occasion. You will have all the key moments and those brief ones that really emphasize the majesty of that day. 

Visual Capture; How can a photographer achieve this? Visual capture is a phenomenon in human perception where people tend to rely on visual images and the things they see to create their understanding of a scene. This emotional connection is not only drawing you in, but it is telling you a story and is designed to make you feel a certain way. When you see that image captured from that day, you will feel it again, you will remember that exact moment, you will understand what is going on, and you will be drawn back to that day. This phenomenon is the basis of my passion as a photographer.

Stop missing those moments! You can imagine a perfect moment. You reach for your phone because you want to remember it. But before you do, here's a bit of surprising info that avid photo-takers need to know: Taking photos is not the perfect memory-retention tool you think it is. Snapping too many pictures could actually harm the brain's ability to retain memories, So you get the photo but kind of lose the memory. We either offload the responsibility of remembering moments when we take pictures of them, or we're so distracted by the process of taking a photo that we miss the moment altogether. When you hire a photographer, you can be in that moment and live it from your perspective. Let me handle getting it and saving it from my perspective. I will not be distracted because that is my sole purpose of being there.

Take the time to remember. Photos are an effective tool for memory retention only if we take the time to look at photos, which many of us don't do. Photos taken on phones often get forgotten or lost with a single drop. A liquid drop or a physical drop. Crunch! Invest your time and money into a photographer and those photos will not be taken so lightly as your selfies. You will be able to look back and remember exactly what happened and feel how you felt. You need to take the time to look at photos after the experiences and reactivate those mental representations. Otherwise, after a while, you will not remember that moment. You will only remember the last time you remembered it. Then the last time you remember trying to  remember it. Pretty much, like playing the children’s telephone game, those details get fuzzy, mixed up, or even lost.