So you wonder why you need photos?

In this day and age, you more than likely have your phone in your hand right now. I know this cause we all do. I’m going to give you this big piece of advice I wish I would’ve heard a long time ago, get pictures! Get printed pictures of yourself, your family, your friends. Get prints that you can treasure longer than you will ever have that cell phone. How long does a cell phone work before you have to replace it? 1 year? Maybe 2? Even if you take really good care of it, I doubt it will last 10 years and I doubt you will print any of the photos you took with it. But pictures printed and kept WILL last that long. Well past your phone life, well past your life. A moment captured in time that you will never be able to replace when that phone dies or gets lost.

Who am I? I am a wife to my husband of 10 years and a mother to 2 children. I was looking through my phone the other day and I noticed I have tons of pictures of my husband and my kids playing. Tons of funny moments and memories I want to keep. But none of me with them. No photos of me holding them, kissing them, and smiling with them. I realized it is my fault. I am either behind the camera or I don’t want my husband to take that photo of me because of my hair, my clothes, or I’m not wearing any makeup. I keep thinking that it will be posted on social media or something like that.

This got me thinking. We don’t care how our elders look in their photos from the past. We just want to see their smile, their body, and their actions. I say smile because I remember a photo of my dad holding me as a newborn. His smile was ear to ear. I say body because I remember my grandmother had the warmest hands and I look at pictures of her. I can see them and remember her painting nails with me. I say actions because I look at photos of my brothers holding me like they won’t let anything in the world harm me. I look back and wish we took so many more photos and kept them with prints. Memories only captured in my mind. My 15th birthday party, my 8th grade graduation, or just family portraits. They would mean the world to me. 

Think about you. Your children, family, or friends will look back at your portraits one day and get to release memories they forgot they had. Maybe a picture of you holding your loved one, this may bring so much happiness one day you’ll never be able to revamp like a print will. Perhaps you are not used to being in front of the camera. How many good photos of you are there. Right here and right now, count them. If you were to fall into wonderland right now, what would your family and friends have of you to cherish?

Get photos taken and print them! Book a session, get in front of that camera, and print them out. Your loved ones, your children, your family, and your friends will want them. You will want to make sure you are in front of the camera this time. Your photographer will help you look amazing and will help capture your true spirit. Let yourself go free in the session. Hug your loved one, squeeze your child, kiss your baby, smile and laugh like this will be the best session ever. I guarantee you, these memories will last forever.